A Brief Update on The Extraordinary Adventures of an Inordinantly Heart-breaking Misfit

Man (or woMan), I really have not updated this blog in over a week. Just so much going on right now. We keep doing pre-records, I've been fighting with the host (who seems to think he's the producer so I have to keep setting him straight), my production assistant never has time, the interns don't know what to do, I've been training my voice, next week I do a whole week of the morning news live, just by myself, a friend of mine is getting divorced, I'm stuck in Provo and keep getting asked out by guys who think they're so hot I should just drop all my plans and come running whenever they call, my roommate keeps trying to get me to like a boy I don't like and who always seems to show up when I don't want him there, then I'm taking a class and have homework, and went camping this weekend-and it is so gorgeous up Provo canyon, all the fiery leaves and black and rainbow colored mountains jutting out into the blue, blue sky, and the crisp autumn air, and the whole hurricane thing, and the protests, and trying to get a handle on the next show and organizing my team and learning how to manage, and letting myself get bugged by people, and trying to eat right and get enough sleep and exercise, and trying to remember new people's names, and wondering what I'm doing in Provo, and gas prices, and the economy, and, and just so busy and really need to get a massage.


mj said…
busy is good, sj. don't feel too bad for neglecting yout readers.

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