Virgin Air

Went live on the air yesterday afternoon. It was my first live broadcast ever. Took several deep breaths, went over my lines, tried to remember to be more energetic (this was my biggest problem during my critique, next to the Utah, east-sider, valley girl accent-but that goes away if I relax my jaw more). I thought "okay, I can do this, no big deal" Then the printer wouldn't print my actual newscast 10 seconds before air and I had to use my draft and fake my changes and forgot to not russel my paper and I clicked the keyboard that plays the sound byte way too hard and everyone could hear, and I said the time of the day twice and I was excited and frazzled and OH MY GOSH I WAS LIVE! Newscast went as smooth as it could for someone's first time. I was pretty much a bucket of jelly after, though. Crossing fingers in hope next week will be better.


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