Seeing Red Tape

I hate red tape. I hate it. The powers that be (people afraid of everything-my host and some other people) have decided I must get department chair approval before interviewing anyone. This, I must point out, is not a good rule for any journalist. I feel so confined and want to break free. I called the last person I am determined to call and ask approval for this. I talked with the department chair and, not naming names, Dr. Peterson, but I felt like an idiot asking for his approval to interview a faculty member of his department. He kept insisting this person was already hired and approved of and in good standing, yada, yada and I couldn't even shut him up. Believe me, I tried to interupt and everything. He went on and on about how I don't need his approval and I finally blurted that it was not even my idea and if I had my way this wouldn't be happening. I got off the phone and felt awful. It's bad for journalism and absolutely unnecessary anyway. I am now determined not to ask for any more approval for access to information on this campus.


Shoshauna said…
I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have some intresting comments.

Thanks for sharing

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