Passe Bourgeoisee

The post-postMo hipster it's non-hipster verbage (courtesy a la Robert Lanham,Free Williamsburg) has been denounced by every known hipster in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area (arguably one of the hippest neighborhoods in America). Though they did agree on certain hairstyles and stereotypical "looks" as standard in the neighborhood. They also refused to label themselves as hipsters.

"Nobody uses the word [hipster]. Asking somebody if they're a hipster is kind of like asking somebody if they're bourgeois, and of course they're like, 'No, no, I'm not bourgeois." Explained Brian McCarthy, an employee of the bookstore carrying a copy of Lanham's 2003 guide, "The Hipster Handbook".

So words like fin, and cronkite hold no meaning to these kids or any others as far as the NYTimes, Mr. McCarthy, and myself are concerned.

But just so you know:

One must also ask if a book, supposedly based on a study of the so ultra hippest of the hip it's un-hip can't even accurately report the lingo of the supposedly so hip, is it really all that hip?


mj said…
hey sj--your article is sooooo 2003 (meaning i'd have to pay $ to read it). i guess i'll just have to assume i am too hip for it.
SJ said…
I was going for that "retro" hipster idealism.

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