Meeting of the Minds

Had a rather long meeting today to brainstorm for upcoming show ideas. These have to be evergreen in nature cuz our show won't start till November (we hope by then, at least). This will be a flagship show for the station, and different than anything they've ever done before. And I'm the one who started it off. Oh, I get so happy just thinking about that. We came up with some really good ideas and I'm very proud of my staff.

These are some of the ideas:
1. The kid on campus who went to the U.N. to teach Furbish (you know, the Furbie dolls). He speaks at least 15 other languages...fluently.
2. Life as a Dramaturg
3. Myth of Leadership and current business models
4. The biological science of shyness in children
5. Mayflower lineage (you know how in the church so many of us seem to come from folks on the Mayflower-I come from two of them)
6. Mormon satire and comedic relief
7. Native American Law issues of today
8. Battle of Armageddon
9. Birth Order and effect on personality traits
10. Utah/Mormon urban legends
11. Scanning of Pompei with Roger McFarland
12. A special on Chanukah: Correlations between Mormons and Judaism

I'm not saying who we are getting to speak on these topics until they're officially penciled in and on board, but they're gonna be really good.


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