Monday, August 08, 2005

Famous People That Share My Birthday

"America's Mermaid" Esther Williams (83)
Actor Dustin Hoffman (68)
U2 Guitarist, "The Edge" (44)
Tennis Champion Roger Federer (24)
Me (27)

*I would just like to point out that I'm still young enough to compete in the Miss America Pageant. And add that it is a scholarship program.


mj said...

MANY HAPPY RETURNS! hi-five to the lady i am three weeks older than. hey--new job start yet? we should talk or something . . .

SJ said...

Yep. I've been here for three weeks now. And living in Provo for one whole week. btw-this is a strange little town. But I do love all the little mom and pop diners.

abby said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I'm glad the job is going well.