Bush Lied, Casey Died

I've been reading the Cindy Sheehan blog this morning. She has this great return letter that made me almost cry. The things she said in there made me think of the loss of my own little brother. He didn't die in Iraq, but his life was lost while saving someone else's on a hike in the mountains. Sometimes I just miss him so much.

I read all the comments below the blog. America responded to this sweet, courageous mother. One comment from another mother stands out:

"As the mother of twin Marines, I wholeheartedly support Cindy. To those who may say that our sons made the choice to serve our country, I say, that indeed that is the reason they joined the military, HOWEVER, they did not join so the President could callously disregard the value of their brave lives and use them to fulfill his own private/political goals by sending them into a conflict based on lies. Don't even get me started on how he himself chickened out when it was his turn to serve. It is not the job of this country or of our military to export and enforce democracy in other countries. My twin sons joined the Marines to protect the United States, not Iraq." Posted by Trish Caldwell

Thanks Trish, and thank you, God bless you Cindy


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