Been looking around Provo, Utah lately. Why? Well, I just got the job I really wanted at KBYU. It's in Provo. So I'll be moving there soon. Cool job, but the town seems somewhat lacking in many, many urban nuances. One being only one yoga studio in the whole town. Another is that there is only one health food store-and it might not even carry organic produce. All those people consuming pesticides. And do they even recycle? Do they even have one house "off the grid"? Sigh... I did, however, notice they do happen to have a pilates studio, so that is cool, and some great mountainage, and there is an art center on Center Street. So it's not completely hopeless. Hopefully I'll come upon a house with soul, and roommates with character in the next couple of weeks.

Honestly my life is changing so fast I can hardly grasp exactly what I'm moving toward.

In another note, I do want to add the word of the day: Humanure. Confused? Watch 30 Days with Morgan Spurlock tonight on FX.


Sherpa said…
funny how life does that. you're stuck in reverse or neutral for a while and then bam, 5th gear....maybe i should stop playing simpsons hit and run right before i go to bed.
SJ said…
Ha, ha!

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