Your Cell Phone or Your Life

I've been told by my doctor to reduce use of my cell phone, and to start using a hands-free set.

Been thinking about use of my cell lately and noticed how it affected my energy level. Seriously. It also makes me feel imbalanced, not like myself. Okay, so that part might sound a bit crazy. But I had this reiki session on Saturday and it cleared up a lot of blockages in my energy field. I feel so weird even talking about this. So, before you judge, know that I went in just wanting to see if there was something to it, or if it was just a "voodoo science". I wanted to know. Came out feeling balanced and at one with the Earth. Seriously! I felt like myself again. So then I talked on my cell phone for an extended period of time later that day and noticed what happened with my energy. It was like it sucked it out somewhat, and I began having a feeling of a lack of confidence and I felt imbalanced again. Isn't that interesting? And it made me think of past times. I mean, I use my cell phone a lot. So I've been working on myself after that, telling myself I'm okay and building myself in a good way. It made me think what the effect is on other people.

So I looked up the latest in cell use by the FCC and the EPA. They cited a study by the NRPB:

"Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the NRPB, said:

"The fact is that the widespread use of mobile phones is a relatively recent phenomenon and it is possible that adverse health effects could emerge after years of prolonged use. The evidence base necessary to allow us to make firm judgements has not yet been accumulated. What we can say is that there is as yet no hard evidence of adverse health effects on the general public, but because of the current uncertainties we recommend a continued precautionary approach to the use of mobile phone technologies. This approach should be adopted by all involved in this area – including government, the mobile phone industry and all who choose to purchase a mobile phone for themselves, or their family, or their children”.

So we don't really know if they pose a health risk or not. Basically, the "experts" can't tell us anything right now. However, it is important to note that cell phones emit a radio frequency (RF) similar to that of a microwave. This changes the molecular structure of whatever is close by (which is how food gets cooked in a microwave). So in theory prolonged use of a cell is basically cooking your brain (in other words trying to change its molecular structure). Put the cell phone down the next time your ear feels hot or you have a headache from use. As for me, I'm going to try using my cell phone less.


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