True Believer

Okay, so nothing turns up about cell phones sucking away people's energy or making them imbalanced. Does this mean they don't? Was I merely groping for an answer when I explained my feelings about this matter on the blog below?

I find myself more curious and less cynical these days. You know what is happening now? I remember myself. A long-forgotten self, less cynical judgment. Not to say there isn't a purpose in objective thought, or intelligent inquiry, but I think we write things off too easily. "Nonsense! Impossible! Given all that seems to be factual, that simply cannot be true". And we close off so much, our minds already made up for fear of letting out we might believe something we cannot prove reasonably. What are we afraid of?

I find this return to a more innocent light-heartedness refreshing. Maybe it's the release from stresses, maybe the reiki session affected me, maybe it's the good mountain air, or an East vs. West mentality. I don't know. But life looks so much better as a believer. And I am rediscovering there are things in the world that cannot be explained through a press conference or an academic study.

Mmm, and the less critical I am, I find I also like myself more.


Anonymous said…
Well put.
Anonymous said…
Anytime away from Washington would make you less cynical. It's a city of cynics.

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