Transformers, the Universe, and Everything In It.

Let's talk Transformers...No, not the cartoon, or the equally awesome action figures (I do believe I did have the pink one). This is about a date I had this afternoon. Sort of. It was this date with this guy and I was going to write all about it, about all the negative (yet nonetheless hilarious) mishaps. Because that's why I'm single, all the ridiculous guys out there and the hilarious mishaps I seem to have around them. But then I went to a yoga class.

A yoga class. And it was raining and the light was perfect and all the colors so vibrant and that sweet, sweet smell of the canyon air. And it transformed me. Not like a robotic mechanical warrior, but like a soft green moss off a hard rock, or a river, bending, and cleansing, and beautiful. And I couldn't keep that report. It was mean and it hurt. Because it hurt me. Because it hurt someone else. I learned, I re-learned, to look within and to see that this negative spin cut a cord in the band of love and affection.

During class we loosened our bones, meditated our intentions, and breathed the pranic breath. And it seemed so silly at the time to hear the instructor say we need to pay attention to ourselves more, that we need to buy chocolate and flowers and that we are good and beautiful. It's a pampered pat on the back and it softened me, made me laugh. It was self-serving, but it made me listen to my heart. And it was then I realized I didn't want to spin some ridiculous day's outing at the expense of another.

You know a yogi once told me to breathe the universe in my belly. I laughed but took in some air anyway. But you really can breathe in the universe. It's all there. The universe is good, it brings us what we need at the time we need it. And today I suppose this is what I needed.


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