A Proposed Opiate to the Misguided Masses of Television Viewers Everywhere, Or Ashton Kutcher Have I Got an Idea For You.

Was pondering on that new Kutcher-produced horror, Beauty and the Geek. Young, lost, and frivoulous Americans across the country seem to be eating it up, including my 27 year old brother. It seems to beat out the news, and is the new answer to our Mother's talk show crisies. Oh, pop goes our culture!...And I, on this self-righteous diatribe, join? Judge for yourself.

I propose to Kutcher, to America, to my brother, and the rest of the fellow wanderers of my birth land, a new kind of show. Where the men are average (not like "Joe", who was comically stupid and shallow-and don't tell me that's most men cuz I don't want to believe you), the women are divided between smart and dumb, blonde and brunette, the dumb ones being brunette, the smart ones blonde (and I am not biased, for I AM a brunette). I'd call it Not All Dumbs Are Blonde. Make millions as I supplanted this opiate to the masses. Sure it's all pure, embarrassing entertainment. with a purposeful intent to exploit the basest in human nature, and a shame to all educated society, not to mention how lame I'd feel for producing such an obvious premeditated massacre of the sexes. But we'd all have fun and forget about everything that really matters, right? Aids...in Africa, in the U.S. People on the street, War in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and the whole world enslaved in debt and sin...why worry when we've got "reality" tv to exploit the worst in our own generation. But forgive my caustic insinuations. Stay tuned and don't touch that dial...


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