On Conservative Media Bias

This is from Bryant:

"The Conservative Argument on Liberal Media Bias encourages conservatives to be less critical of the news they consume, not more so.

Any time a story comes out that would seem to suggest that Republican / Conservative policies aren't working or that casts a negative image over a Republican / Conservative candidate the response is "well that's the liberal media for you." It doesn't seem to matter if the story is true or false.

Certainly this is the way Rush Limbaugh, a conservative critic, handles the media. If they post a story he doesn't agree with, he charges Media bias, drudges up some flimsy excuse to dismiss the story, and moves on. His followers don't even seem to bother with the excuse.

Thus instead of critically evaluating the truthfullness or bias in any given news story, the Conservative Media Critic subjects to a simple one question test. Does this story confirm what I already believe? If so it is a rare positive example of media honesty. If not it is a dastardly example of liberal media bias."

Or in other words an Ad Hominem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem


Sherpa said…
brilliant, sherlock. brilliant.
SJ said…
Thanks. It's just about time someone said something about this.

It's funny. As soon as I tell someone I'm an aspiring journalist the most common immediate response is something like, "Don't be biased, now, not like the rest of 'em". I have started to passive-agressively roll my eyes when they aren't looking.
American said…
Say what you what but to deny that there is a libaral media bias is a head-in-the-sand approach. When 80% plus of the people in the media are liberals do you really think they are not going to have an objective opinion? Let's get real.
SJ said…
And you KNOW they are liberals? Did you take a survey? Did Newt Gingrich tell you that?

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