Al Qaeda Training Manual

So shocked to read the contents of this manual. How much hatred and violence these people feel toward our occidental lives. It uses God and the prophets to manipulate weak minds. Coming to the utterly twisted conclusion they must avenge with blood our western imperialist ideals.

What's worse is it blames our interventions into their territory, our thoughts, our ways of doing things forced upon them, eradicating their rich cultures and poisoning the minds of their youth in this last century. And it not only blames us for these things, but we truly have done them, thinking it for the best, boasting to ourselves this is God's providence. But here we are again, enforcing our ways through violence, and claiming for ourselves it is providence of God once more.

Violence begetting violence. Religion, the name of God, is used to manipulate the masses into sinister deeds. This war, all wars, are not of or for God. They are of the master of lies, and of evil.



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