Words with Newsweek

Shocked and appalled. Two words to describe my feelings on Newsweek's absolute blunder earlier this week. To go and not only report, but sensationalize a false report, without any proof but a man so obviously eager to entertain American media sources, is despicable. As journalists we have a duty to get our facts straight before reporting them, not only as a good ethical rule, but because, unlike the president, unlike the words of others in power, people believe us, they believe the press. To drum up some fantasy claim on desecration of the Qu'ran, and then to drunkenly report it has had murderous consequences. Not to mention done tremendous damage to our already ill American reputation abroad. Can we now, in the aftermath, reverse this macabre damage?

The pen is so, so mighty, and words so powerful as to bring up and waste down nations, people. Newsweek, what was your reporting staff thinking?


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