It Keeps me Up At Night

Dear Complaint Department (or Dept, as some may call you),

Spent 12 hours today editing my first story for KCPW. So much time I almost wrote this letter in broadcast style (you know, twelve instead of 12, and K-C-P-W). Okay, so some of that time was spent eating, watching a show about Nostradamus on the History Channel, emailing friends, and playing with my dog. But still, I've spent many hours cutting tape, writing, and re-writing the script. And I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've had to re-do the voice-over. It helps to drink warm water, just so you know. I keep waking up in the middle of the night over this. I keep thinking about it. About what I'm missing, who won't talk to me, who has talked to me and what they've said, how to get all that information into three tiny minutes. I've got hours, HOURS, of audio. It all boils down to three little, itsy, bitsy, tiny minutes. So far I've got it down to four (minutes that is). Most everything in there is already my favorite quote, or is perfect right where it is. How can I leave out information the public MUST know? It's my first story and I've worked like a dog for the past three days on this thing. Please, please, please (as in I'm giving myself an ulcer) let it turn out alright.

Thank you and Sincerely,


raf said…
Good luck with the story, although its probably done by now. Did you say you cut tape? I thought everybody used digital editing nowadays. And maybe you over-reported because you had/spent too much time for your research. Sometimes you have to go in with a time limit in mind. Keep us posted.
SJ said…
Excuse, umm, over-reported? No, you can NEVER over-report. Every bit of pertinent information is critical. Also, felt like there wasn't enough time, not the opposite. Info gathering, interviews, take time. Editing takes time (FYI-it was digital, but is still referred to as cutting tape). Writing, editing, and re-writing takes time. There's never enought time. And there is a time limit, a week. Which, for a report of this nature, means I busted my A**. Just so you know.
mj said…
what's up sj? i'm so happy you're already doing the stuff you love, stuff that kills you and brings you back to life all over again. that's the best. yeah i'm still alive by the way and back in the country.
SJ said…
MJ! Hello beautiful. I'll have to email you seperately and you can tell me all about the chocolate and leiderhosen(sp?)

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