Utah! Email Announcement to Friends of my Decision to Move Westward.

My dear, dear, wonderful friends, neighbors, former neighbors, roommates, and former roommates,

After long and careful consideration I have indeed decided to move home to Utah. I know, I know, I must be crazy (Yes, Tammy, I took my pills). I love DC. I am head-over-heels about the whole East Coast. I have loved being here, every minute of it. I have cherished the friends I have made here. You are all so awesome and have made me feel so not alone in the world. I am so grateful for the memories, the road trips, parties, dinners, weird movies, Freaks and Geeks, blogging, indie rock shows, kickin' the funk, late nights at Ben's Chili Bowl, and just chillin' wit ma peeps. You are each special to me in so many different ways. But I've thought about this for a long time and the time has come for me to go and do what it is I really want to do. All y'all who've been privileged to hear me talk about it non-stop, who've been with me through the trials and triumphs, know just what that is. Utah seems to be the right place for that right now (unless the heavens part and tell me something different). It will also be nice to reconnect with my small immediate family, as well as my very weird and wonderful much, much larger extended family (have I told you the stories? Power generators, homeschooling, IBM swindling patents, MIT and a car that goes from Kentucky to Utah on one tank of gas? You'll have to ask me sometime).

The date of my departure isn't exactly set. Sometime around the 1st of May, though. I may be driving out with a friend's car (cross-country road trip in my twenties was listed on my things to do in life list).

Having said all this, I want you East Coast hipsters to know how much I love you and how much I will miss you so, so very much. On the upside, this is a great excuse for a party.

Love you, mean it (really I do),
Sarah Jane


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the move to Zion! In some ways I miss it too, but I'm glad you have come to a decision. I guess I'll also see you around on some random trip to Utah like the rest of us. Sorry to see you go, but hey life is full of changes!


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