This Magic Moment

So I was in the grocery store yesterday, Trader Joe's, in a nice cream pant suit (of course) because of my interview and I was wearing this scarf belt with it. The flowy, dangly part of the scarf got somehow tucked between my legs while I was bending over to pick up some tomatoes packaged in a little box. It looked kinda like a tail coming from in between the back side of my legs.

This guy comes up behind me and tries to grab it (I guess it looked like it was stuck and he was trying to do a good deed or something), but I didn't realize what was going on and he didn't have time to get it when I turn around and see him reaching for my butt. I gave him a look and he turned away, embarrassed. Not 5 minutes later I was in the cheese section and this lady comes by and tells me it appears I have a scarf stuck on my butt. I realized then the guy was trying to be helpful and not a pervert and then realized all the people in the aisle were staring at me and the scarf in between my legs that looked like it was stuck to my butt. I burst out laughing. It was just one of those moments.


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