Oh Blogster, Young, Misinformed, and Fatuous


A recent post from a blog site called "Fair, Balanced, and True" is absolutely priceless!:

"I am very right wing. I think that Bush is doing a very good job... the economy has never been better, he is helping everyone at home with his new social security plan and I think that he will go down in history as one of the best presidents for by the end of his presidency I think the Arab world will be well on its way to democracy. I think, however, that it is not right what the Iraqis are doing to America... they hate them for absolutely no good reason! The majority of Iraq is Sheeite and they were being opressed by the Sunis under Saddam's Husseins reign of terror the Americans came in and put an end to that and are offering the Iraqis a chance at democracy. Why are they being so hostile? This, I hope, will pass with time because the President is doing the right thing and soon all the Iraqi's will see that!"

Somebody please tell me this guy is just trying to be funny.


SJ said…
I cannot imagine why, but the guy just took off his first post. Could it be he figured out how embarrassing it would be to post that permanently?

The caption under the title of the blog actually reads:

"This blog says what the media is afraid to... the real and true truth about non-democratic nations and how problems come into this world. This blog is somewhat rightwing and very pro-America and very pro-Israel"

Thanks for telling us all, David, what the Bush PR guys told you. Obviously the "media", yes, all of them, have got it all so wrong. Good thing you are there to set us all straight.
Anonymous said…
You do realize that the information found in any media article is rarely complete and only sometimes accurate. One has to wonder exactly what is missing for both the original account and your interpretation of it. The military will never allow the media the have a complete view of happenings, as it would compromise security... but Sean Penn can tell you that
SJ said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SJ said…
Ummm, that kid, David, is a complete moron with a lot of teen angst.

Also, the military has nothing to do with what David was writing about. And, not to embarrass you or anything, but journalists would have better access to information and a much clearer picture of the war than some teenager from Canada with a bent on exposing the "true truth" according to whatever super right-wing source is spoon feeding him on.

Did you even read what he wrote? Did you read the one about Native Americans taking "our" gas? And Sean Penn? Now you want to point to an actor playing a fictional character in some fictional movie? Tell me what I'm missing again?

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