A Letter to Maria About My Plans for the Future

Dear Mauffie,

Grad school...yes...maybe...eventually. I think I just need some time at home to work on where to go next. I'm coming home to build up my portfolio and gain experience as a reporter. DC is usually where people end up instead of go to first (which is what I've been trying to do). I've had some great experiences (I did actually get some of my work published and broadcast), but nothing sustainable. Even when I was at that Government Affairs firm I kept longing for the days I was in a news organization. So that is sort of part of the plan. That and maybe taking those last two Anthro courses this summer and maybe applying to grad school in Anthropology and then following up with a doctorate (but that's an entirely different discussion that involves my recent trip to Philly and U PENN and the best Anthro program in the nation and my friend Aubrey who is getting her PhD there, yada, yada). Either that or applying to a masters in Journalism and somehow swinging an internship with the Post (yes, please!).

It sounds really strange, but I keep hoping the Lord will intervene and somehow help me find the entry-level reporting job I've been searching for this whole time out here (because honestly I really love this place), but if not, I'll see you in about a month (because I love it here, but I also have spent enough time ruminating about this to know I need to go and do something about it).

Love ya like crazy,


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