Lock, Stock, and Smoking Emotions

Yesterday I lost the key to the front door of my house. I lost it somewhere between home and my commute to work. It was on a loose keyring, and was bound to happen eventually. My first thought was to call my roommate and get the spare or get a copy made. That made sense to me. It didn't seem to make sense to my roommates. They thought the appropriate thing to do would be to change the lock. That somehow, whereever the key has fallen, someone might pick it up and somehow know which door it belongs to and open our door and steal all our hand-me-down furniture or perhaps our fabulous Kitchen Aide. This is driving me crazy.

They lock the doors at all times, something I've never been used to, and for which, though I have forgotten to a few times, have tried to be accommodating about. Now I lose the key somewhere in the netherworld between home and work (most likely on the Metro) and we must change all locks (though the key has no identifying address). So I call this guy, my friend Mark, to come and help me change it. We are on our way to the Home Depot to get a new lock when my one roommate calls to inform me that they have decided they need to discuss this with the owner of our townhouse first. So I call the owner. He agrees it would be ridiculous to change the locks. So Mark, who agreed to go with me to Home Depot to get the new locks, looks at me and says, "Don't worry, I've been trying to figure women out for the last 25 years myself".

Well, then I go home and my roommates all act like they think it would be ridiculous to change the locks as well. ???

Mark, I've got one year ahead of you and am a woman and I still don't get them most of the time.


Orchid said…
Who understands women, I know. Really, who understands women! Changing the locks, that's pretty ridiulous!

But you've got to admit, kitchen aids are pretty fabuous.

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