A Letter About Stacy

Dear Bowling For Soup,

Thank you for the dramatic presentation about Stacy. I must contend, however, that Stacy seems like a very self-important person. She "hit the wall" because she "didn't have it all"? I mean, seriously, guys, who does? And she's all upset over there not being anymore game shows on the radio. Okay, this is where I must point out that there are, indeed, still game shows on the radio. Has Stacy never heard of PRI's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"? It comes on the local public radio station every Saturday.

As for being confused as to how Ozzy Osborn became an actor, the Stacer has obviously never seen him bite off a rat's head in concert. The reality tv show he and his contentious little family are on these days is surely better than that. She wants that to stop?

Bowling, please tell Stacy to be happy with the life she has, that not everyone has "it all", and that she still has the right, even as a "soccer mom" to do a rump shake in front of White Snake's car. Of course, instead of the ho-hum, PTA-driven life she leads, she could be the cool mom who makes vegan sandwiches and reads to children at the local library and has a pet dog named Woofie. Wouldn't you like a dog named Woofie? Okay, me neither. I'd name my dog Prince or Barkley over Woofie. Anyway, thanks for the music guys. Keep on keepin' on.

Yours truly,


Strdncr5 said…
You make some valid points about Stacy (Stacey?). I've really enjoyed the video myself, purely for entertainment, and never really thought about the message.

Thanks for making me stop to think!
SJ said…
Dear strdncr5,

Yes, stopping and thinking, at the same time, can be quite advantageous at some points in life. Although the order in which this occurs is up for debate. Does one stop, then think? Or think, then stop? The general consensus seems to be to stop, and then think. However, there is that minority population out there that would tell you it is much better to think then stop. I'll let you be the judge. At any rate, thanks for your comment.

Keep on with the star dancing (if that is what you do).

Yours truly,

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