THE Interview

I had that interview today. The one with the Post, the Washington Post. The interview that was supposed to change my life and slingshoot me into the future more amazing and knowing me. I was supposed to be able to figure out, based on the interview, whether to stay in DC, or admit defeat and go home. The only thing is this interview only left me more confused.

"You're great, I definitely want to bring you on" the man told me. He gave me a tour of the whole building, I mean the whole building, mail room and everything (which he proudly told me I'd be spending a lot of time in, since that is the majority of what copy aides do). Then there it came, "The only thing is there isn't anything right, right now." He assured me I was someone he definitely wanted to work with and that I definitely have all the right qualifications but that he couldn't promise me anything but would try to find something for me as soon as he could.

So now I ask myself again what I'm going to do. I mean, he definitely wants to bring me on, and he even said he was going to forward my resume and writing samples to the Food Editor because there may be something over there soon (he said it involved administering taste tests, mmmm). And seriously, why would he interview me if it was all for nothing? There has to be something there, right? Just not right at this moment, not right now. "Maybe next week?" I asked. "Maybe". "Should I call and check with you?" No, he said he'd definitely keep in contact with me. He'd definitely call. I don't doubt he will.

I don't doubt something may come to pass, that it could only be a matter of time. He definitely seemed interested. It also looks like it might be some time before that happens. So now I'm back to the ultimate question: should I stay or should I go? I could be a copy aide. I could be a darn good one. I don't mind sorting mail or fetching documents or having orders barked at me by important reporters scrambling to make deadline. I'm easy-going enough, I understand what a newsroom can be like, and I know it's all about paying your dues. But seriously, is this stable enough to make a living at? Is it NPR all over again? If I go home it may mean months of no work and allowing my resume to dwindle in the winds of desrepair whilst being coddled by Mom and Dad and allowing the buddings of the idea that I am only good for part-time work at the local grocery store and forever mooching off my parents. Staying could mean instability, living in the delirium of phantom dreams, and continuing to deal with those uptight, no-fun roommates that like to sit home on friday nights and talk baby-talk to one another (that in and of itself is enough to drive me crazy). What's a girl to do?

I can't live with Mom and Dad forever. Though they will definitely want me to. I can't live on my credit cards forever, or in temporary work situations forever, either.


mj said…

sometimes that really is the only thing to say.

okay and in the "duh" category: keep your options open.

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