Sunday, December 22, 2013

Science and The End - What our internal feelings have to do with aging

I think I'm going to live a long life. No one really knows, of course, but I just feel it. Like, I'm pretty sure, maybe 80% sure. Another friend said she thought she'd die in her 40's and that there would be foul play involved. She says lots of strange things but maybe it's just a thing she "knows" as well.

Who knows. Anyway, nerd fact - I'm naturally attracted to research on aging and life extension. I read the Methuselah Factor as a young teen, subscribed to a newsletter and magazine back in the 90's devoted to life extension and my ears perked when Google announced the Calico project (the idea is to basically end death) and am interested in the research from the long-haired, British hippie scientist, Aubrey de Grey.

We may just be on the brink of ending aging, death, disease for those of us lucky enough to be near the science behind it. But what does this mean for us as a human species and our purpose here on Earth? I believe there is a life beyond this one and that we are on this planet to fulfill certain things to help ourselves grow and develop as spiritual beings. But that's me and my religious beliefs. That wouldn't help you.

What does this mean for the planet and for our purpose while we are on it? Will we, as human beings ever unlock the key of death and free ourselves from the rotting grave? Most scientists will tell you we are a long ways off from that, despite Google's ambitions. 

One thing I do know, we are here for a reason. Each of us has a purpose on Earth. Extending life just a little bit more can help us achieve what we were put on this planet for. I don't know about you, but I'd like just a little more time.

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