Monday, December 16, 2013

Neurons All Go - Dreams may foreshadow the future.

Could our dreams foretell the future? Our subconscious picks up clues, details we are often not aware of in the conscious, waking world and manifests them in our dream life. Passed on through a weird and wild mix of neurons firing, brain chemistry and magic interpretation if only we can remember it all. Last night I had a dream in which my roommate was wearing the latest sports technology. It was clear like glass or plastic but with digital output clearly displayed. It went around the top of her arm and around her shoulders and over her back. I asked if this was the latest technology and was interested in trying it for the new year. She showed me how it worked...then she tried to sit on my lap. I was laughing and suggested maybe I should sit on her lap because she was actually sitting on my stomach, not my lap and it was crushing me. What does any of that mean? Future? Symbolic?

The other night I had a dream my boss said to hang on and that really big things were just around the corner for our company. He was very serious about it. He kept saying to just hang on. I dreamed I vacillated between sitting in his desk when he was gone and sitting in a tiny school desk, lower than everyone else. I kept having to move myself. When I sat across from him and he would leave he would have me sit in his desk and I was in charge of employees who would come to me. But if I went looking for my own desk in the room of people there was only a tiny desk available for me. I kept having to get a better desk for myself because it didn't seem anyone else was thinking about me and my needs for a more normal desk. Deep, some of it very obvious but not entirely clear on other parts...and possibly foreshadowing the future. I dreamed we had 100 employees and a big classroom.

What are your thoughts? Have you had future dreams (meaning dreams that foreshadow your future)? Did they come true?

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