Friday, November 01, 2013

I can haz sleep now?

Got maybe two hours of sleep. Can't sleep. Too much thinking. Also had to untag myself from any inappropriate pics from Halloween parties. Most of it was okay though there were a few busty looking shots I always have to watch out for and some pics I wasn't even in but somehow got tagged in anyway...

I did manage to dream a bit. I was shopping for religion. IRL there's a predominantly black Baptist church across from my apartment building. I went inside in the dream and it was huge but so many empty seats. There were also levels to it and a steam room and lots of food. People were singing Christian camp songs as if they were regular hymns. My roommate was there and she'd bought all this food from Costco. I went to the fridge and I had food, too, but not as much as her. Mostly I had tubs of almond ice cream. Then I woke up.

It's too late in the morning for me to go back to bed now.

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