Saturday, November 16, 2013

Go live in our old house. It's empty now.

I'm at my favorite sandwich shop on Haight, headphones in banging to Juliana Hatfield. Cash only. All vegetarian. 

Clearly it caters to my crunchy alter ego. 

Let me tell you about last night. I keep having dreams about my family. This one involved me in Austin, TX in a great apartment. My parents visit, realize it's warm, wonderful and somehow close to my grandparents (who are dead) and decide to move there. In order to move they decide I will switch homes with them and I will move back to our old house in the Avenues (which we don't own anymore). Somehow the house is also in a dangerous neighborhood. It's now up to me to take care if the house, furnish and clean it and find roommates to help pay the mortgage. It's an unfair trade...and the parents are being jerks about it. Then, like I do, I woke up.

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