Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sweet dreams are made of these...

I get to go to NYC tomorrow. I'm leaving early, early. 7am flight to JFK. This means I should be in bed by now...well, I'm sitting in bed at least and writing this post. I took two Benedryl. They're working well. I'm so very tired. I keep having wildly vivid dreams every night. I dream so well. But I don't write them down so then I forget them only to sort of remember when I'm back in that dream-like state just going into it. I've noticed my dreams are sometimes influenced if I sleep next to someone or someone is in the same room. I have no proof of this, but I theorize I can pick up on other people's thoughts sometimes. No, not like I'm psychic or something (though that's a story for another post). I mean like picking up on brain wave activity or energy or whatever you want to call it scientifically. I don't know how to describe it. I pick up on other people's emotions and motives in real life pretty well, too. Just something I know I tend to do better than the average person.

Back to dreaming...Have you ever had a dream that continued on for several nights? It's the same dream, same continued story or theme that picks up each night you sleep. Those are interesting. What causes them? Still unresolved ideas? Not sure. Anyhow, I'm blessed with a great, strange, wild, mostly sane, balanced, creative mind. I'm generally happy and have a positive mind. I sleep well, I have good, vivid, interesting dreams, too. I'm so lucky. I'm going to be better at writing them down.

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George Marie said...

I always like reading your blogs about dreams. I have been working with a holistic healer and we are working on my dreams. What are your thoughts on lucid and active dreaming?