Monday, August 19, 2013

Something Blue

 had a very detailed and what seems to be symbolic dream last night. Here are the details:

I was at my own wedding and the groom was waiting but first I decided to come out in my gym clothes to make sure I could be myself. The guests were surprised but the groom said he was glad and that he was marrying me just the way I am. Upon hearing that I was happy and changed into a pretty, white wedding gown and we got married. Then after I saw a woman who was a friend of my mom's a long time ago. She was a very beautiful woman, almost like a movie star (this is in real life). She's also divorced. In the dream she was sitting next to her ex-husband's new wife who was even more beautiful, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, with long dark hair and the most unusual and spectacular bright blue eyes! Both of them were wearing royal blue dresses and I found I was also wearing a blue dress over my wedding dress. The beautiful new woman had perfect skin and features and looked at me with her piercing eyes and we looked each other in the face and smiled and decided we were friends. The divorced woman looked amazed. She didn't know what to think of this.

Then I went to the reception in the cultural hall of the church. My husband went off with his friends and I was making sure the preparations were under way and the food brought in. There were other people in the kitchen and I was upset because they were taking up space and my time at my wedding. I told them they could use the space but I was having a wedding. The food was brought in and I was at the table with all this wedding food and family (all women) and we were waiting for the groom. I didn't want to approach him because I was new to him and didn't want to scare him away (even though we were married) so I waited for him to come back. He introduced me to some of his family members when he started dawning on me that I knew the groom in real life (and he's actually already married to a friend of mine).

The groom kept changing from the guy my friend is married to to another guy...but I noted none of the guys were my real ex bf. In fact, he was somewhere outside and missed out and didn't get to marry me cuz he'd waited too long to ask me and I found someone else. Anyway...

So then when the groom was there I turned and asked if he wanted to go have sex and I winked. He seemed surprised...but then it changed back to the other groom and it was okay and we were at our new apartment. Everything was dark. The lights were not on. He seemed nervous but we were getting ready to (or at least we were now in our apartment and setting up for our life)...and then I woke up.

I think the divorced woman represents Utah and my life there. The new, beautiful woman is my future and life as it is becoming for me now. I think the wedding may be religious or may mean marriage in real life is in my future. If religious then it may mean my relationship with God and Christ and wanting to be accepted as I am. Or with people in general and wanting to be accepted for who I am and then becoming the bride and shining once accepted. In real life I do sometimes test the waters that way and then become very loyal if I see someone is genuinely accepting of the real me, just as I am.

The wedding food, the waiting for the groom...may be prosperity but timing it right? The groom changing I don't know. The dark apartment may mean seeing that far into the future and it's still dark as to what it will be. Sex is usually union or consummation of change...Overall it was a pretty happy dream, even with the worry and not wanting to scare the groom off. It could also mean a business deal and making sure the deal goes well.

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