Saturday, March 30, 2013

May the wind make you strong

Last night was a review of my life in vivid, natural form. I dreamt I was on a ledge of a mountain with my mother and we were looking out onto the horizon at a beautiful sunrise/sunset (not sure) far in the distance when very strong waves of wind came at us, nearly knocking us all down, hurtling dust and debris in our faces. Then another strong wave came a bit later... soon the waves came more frequently but less strong than the first few. They began to come consistently but by this time I'd learned to expect them and to be able to maneuver/be ready for them when they came. They just kept coming and it was not clear if they'd stop. They just came on such a frequent basis. And I was still standing.

Here's my interpretation: The waves are hardships in life. I had a few very big ones, though less frequent at the beginning of my life, then as life progressed, hardships kept coming on a more consistent basis. Now I've come to expect them. And yet, here I am, unweathered and still standing.

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