Sunday, February 03, 2013

Swimming in church at the hotel with Rainn Wilson

Just woke up from a dream where I was staying in a hotel with my family for Christmas, but it was a warm place and there was a mall or food court attached. Somehow I was staying with my family and we were waiting for my brother's girlfriend to get there but then we had some kind of argument and I had someone drive me to the other side of the hotel and I had to catch a plane to go home. I should mention previous to this I was with my family in a cabin that seemed not to belong to me and the beds were all made and I remember it didn't fit me in the dream and I was mad at my parents.

I then dropped my stuff off at the hotel and began wandering through the crowd (I think I was trying to get back to the other side of the hotel to see my family again). There were ladies in the kitchen in the cultural hall, like at church, but it was decided it was best if the kitchen were open so everyone could see what they were doing in there. The ladies were busying about cooking things while everyone was in a church meeting and everyone else (the world?) was milling about in the mall outside. Some authorities didn't like that the kitchen was open and felt the ladies would be bothered or exposed so they closed it up with brick and mortar again (that all happened in an instant cuz dreams just happen that way). I remember seeing my cousin Katie milling about with family (headed to the airport?) and then she wandered into the kitchen, too.

I wandered through the food court in search of something but can't remember what..a person? I found some friends who wanted to go into the pool. A man accused a boy I sort of knew to dive deep into the pool. This boy was sometimes a boy and sometimes a young man, depending on what my age was at the time in the dream. He had a shock of blonde hair and somehow was familiar to me, like I knew him but in real life I don't think I do.

Everyone said not to jump in and that he couldn't handle going into the pool it since he'd never been in the pool before. But he decided to get brave and dive in. Other friends of his had to go get him as he sank to the bottom. It turned out he couldn't swim. Rainn Wilson was there too (Dwight from The Office), observing the scene. So his friends went to get him and put him up on the side of the pool so he could get out but it turned out you had to climb out of the pool on a slippery slide. If you had the strength you could do it just fine, but if not it was a struggle.

The boy attempted to climb up the slide but he had no strength left from thrashing around in the water and he slipped an fell into the pool again and began to drown.

Everyone saw this happen and loved the boy so much they all dived in after him, hundreds of people, to find him. I was afraid he wouldn't be found and that there were too many people in the pool now. There were so many in the pool that there wasn't room for any water and as people left you could see some people had been trampled to death, which at the time seemed worth it to find the boy, who was found somehow standing at the edge of the pool. He escaped getting trampled by the crowd looking for him.

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