Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wax on his ears and an iron jaw

Last night I dreamed about my future husband. Yes, really. In the dream he had a large family that were a bit rough or poor but very friendly. There was something wrong with him. He had blocks of wax over his ears and upon closer examination he was broken and had been reconstructed with metal in his jaw and parts of his body. I could see right through him and into the reconstructed part. He was very kind and told me he knew we were to marry. He held me close.

In another part of the dream a friend of mine was falling out of a window. I pulled her back up and saved her life but then her hands were on fire so I blew on them and healed her. The future husband's female family members were amazed and told me I had the "gift". I admitted I was a dormant psychic. They said I should work on my powers and asked if I was Portuguese because of my dark hair. I told them I was not, but they insisted I must be something, especially with my powers. They were some ethnicity themselves even though the future husband was white.

I feel the need to keep writing these dreams down. Every dream I have written down here has actually come true in real life. The dreams are symbolic, they represent certain things, but they come true. I only recognize it after certain events happen and I am then reminded of the dream.

The last dream I wrote here recently came true. I have gone through something I did not want to and could not get out of even though I was pushing on the glass (transparent and obvious way to get out) as hard as I could. I could not break it. This thing has killed what I wanted to work on and the vessel (representing a part of me and my life) have been plunged into the depths of despair. The pillars are representations of people, threats, cyclones that would not be moved. The vessel is my life.

Strangely I think I will be okay, it's just a change. Not sure if I should still be uneasy about things but I feel okay about it now.

I am curious to know how this new dream will manifest itself and what it means. Who is this broken and rebuilt man with wax on his ears that I am to marry? What was with saving my friend and blowing out the fire with powers?

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