Monday, January 21, 2013

The Downton Abbey Dream

It happened. I dreamed I was in this family/observing this Victorian England family where the one daughter with golden hair (who resembled the blonde haired girl from Downton Abbey) discovers she is not really their daughter and was bought by them and adopted to save her from being sold as the bride of an older cousin. She goes in search of her birth parents and origins expecting to confront the old, nasty man who tried to make her his bride, only to discover many maids and factory workers and family members in this big old mansion. One lady tried to throw her off. There was also a long letter written to her about love but she didn't believe it. Then she met a handsome man who was actually the son of the old man and it was he who was going to marry her. She fell instantly in love.

My dreams seem to be novels or PBS specials at the moment.

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