Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have magical powers

Last night I had a dream I had magical powers. I had to discover it after going to a city on a train and people asked me if I did. I had to hide my powers from an old woman who was searching for the person with the magic powers. My cousin was there. A boy cousin on my dad's side that I haven't seen in maybe 10 years. Other people also had magic powers and my cousin said if they really had strong magic powers (there were levels of how magic you were) you would be able to open the door without touching it. There was a child on the other side with an adult coaching them and they did open the door and my cousin had to admit that they did have very strong powers. Turns out this child was my daughter and they were very strong, the strongest of all the magical powered people. I was good, but this child was the best...then I woke up...

Dissecting the meaning of this dream may take some time. So far I think fute, inner child, purpose of life and something to do with family. Not a lot so far.

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