Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dances with horses

Last night I had a dream I went to this retreat with Jamie. It was cabin in the mountain type. There was a banquet hall with others and we chatted with the hosts a bit...and then I discovered a vast view of the outside and animals all over, foxes running...Jamie found a secret room and I followed him over. He was looking at all the animals inside and got into the details and started talking to someone... and there was this guy who came into the room. He had some gift with the animals, like he knew all about them. He cared for them somehow. Also, some of the animals were in cages and some were outside. I was letting a dog in a cage lick my toes and someone kept telling me not to get too close because the dog might be ferocious and bite it. I couldn't believe it about a dog who seemed nice but they kept saying it...then someone said "look at the horses, they're dancing". And the horses WERE dancing! In a circle, with their hind legs on the ground and their front legs touching each other. They were standing upright, like humans, and dancing in a circle in rythmic time, in choreographed motion. It was fascinating to see such a strange thing. So I approached them to ask them questions. The animals, some of them, could talk in this dream. I asked if they enjoyed dancing and they said yes, very much. They said it was like being in the Russian ballet. Then I noticed their fancy clothing they were suddenly wearing. It was very beautiful. I took one aside to ask some question. I can't remember what. I think I asked what it was like to dance..but the horse just stood there, silent. I asked again...silent...and then I noticed it had shed a tear. Someone said it was touched that I cared so much to even ask that it had no words.

So then I went outside to the outside picnic tables at the place to discuss the experience and other things about my life with the animals boy...turned out he was Jamie's younger brother (in waking life Jamie is an only child). He was 24 and in a band and had a mop of dark, curly hair and olive skin. I told him I was frustrated with some things about Jamie and then the kid said he could fix them and that he would be a better man for me if I would choose him instead. I remember watching Jamie in the distance, talking to other people, completely unaware I was even there. I was frustrated with him and that he didn't see me and here was this good-looking, seemingly magical kid who was there, listening and promising me nice things. Then I woke up.

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