Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again...

Last night I had a dream about three astronauts. One of them had somehow unconnected from the ship and was floating away in space. Very scary and a sure death awaited him. But just then his loyal friend, one of the other astronauts, dared to save him. He hurled himself at him in a death-defying stunt that boomeranged the two back to the ship. Then the one who saved the other one somehow became disconnected and both the other astronauts, out of loyalty and because he'd already saved the one of them, managed to somehow reach out and grab him before he also went floating off into space.

What does this mean?

Maybe nothing...making it is symbolic of something rattling around deep inside my head...or perhaps something else. A connection to the collective, psychic conscious.

So this morning on my way into work I'm listening to WNYC's Radio Lab podcast via the Stitcher app when a story comes on about astronauts on the brink of death, floating away in space who somehow manage to save each other.


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