Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Town

Had a dream last night that I was at a street fair and there was a movie advertised on a telephone poll for the very first Sesame Street episode ever. It had a pic of a little boy in a business suit, trying to chew a frying pan. The caption under the poster for the movie asked if people thought this was the real episode or a fake 90's remake...

Also, in the town I was in that posted about the movie there was this family reunion or wedding or something going on that I was there for...only it wasn't my real family but some Victorian type family. The odd thing is that if you left the dream you wouldn't exist to them anymore. They thought of it as dying. Other people had left and they no longer remembered them. I told one person that I would remember them. I was already starting to wake up and it seemed I was sort of fading as well.

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