Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Snakes, spiders and other creeeeepy crawlies

Last night I had a nightmare. An unusual occurrence for me. I was in SF (I'm in LA right now) and I was on this land marsh...there was some sort of building on it like an apt where I think I lived. There were all these people looking for jobs and some got some...I was waiting and frustrated and then I went out to sea...and then I became the observer of the dream for a while where there was this sea scientist girl who was offered an amazing job for her sea science expertise. It was this great opportunity...and then I became the girl and it all seemed good but I was nervous about it and then this other girl who was supposed to be my roommate threw these tiny snakes and spiders on me. Really scary dream. I couldn't get them off of me. They were writhing and sticking onto me. I got the big black spider off and tried to brush off all the snakes before they got me and bit me. I think if I stayed asleep they would bite me and poison me with their venom...but then I woke up terrified!

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