Friday, August 17, 2012

Sex Dreams

Everybody has them...and they don't necessarily have anything to do with sex, actually.

Warning: this post may mention some sexually explicit activity. So cover your eyes, stop reading, or keep reading. Whatevs. You've been warned.

Sex is a powerful human drive that can have various meanings in dreams. Freud thought everything was about sex. Jung disagreed and thought even sex could be about something else; perhaps our human search for meaning? It could also be a way for your subconscious mind to get your attention. And boy does it!

So here's where you stop reading if you get offended by sex...Let me tell you about my dream last night. I had a dream about a guy friend who kept going on and on and on about how his fiance just loved to give him blow jobs. He was sitting at the edge of his bed, pants down (and neked and erect) and just wouldn't shut up about it. And he kept getting closer and closer to my face like I was going to do something. The whole time I was like "uh, dude, why are you telling me this?" Also, I was like "uh, pull your pants up!" It was disturbing. I didn't know why this was happening. He seemed to be fine, everything normal, but I felt like I was being pushed to do something I did not want to do or hear or participate in that had nothing to do with me.

So what does this mean? It was definitely an attention getter. It could mean I perceived that my friend was being too open with me...though we haven't talked in a while and definitely nothing deep. It could mean I somehow subconsciously feel I'm invading someone else privacy. It could also reflect my current life. I may feel I'm being pushed to do things I don't want to do that I don't think are appropriate. Sometimes in writing this stuff out on here I have these "aha moments" and know I'm getting closer to what my mind is working out with me.

The whole sex symbology in dreams is quite fascinating. It puts people off, it grabs attention, it's highly embarrassing/taboo to discuss. Yet there it is, and everyone in the entire world has had a dream or two like this.


Steve said...

Finally! haha. Now I can relate. And "one or two" dreams like this? This is PG-13 to what I have at least weekly! And I do sometimes get to control the dream!

I think it's just b/c you haven't gotten any in awhile! haha. Kidding. But since nothing actually happened, maybe it is just a warning not to share too much with that friend. Or, as in my case, I have dreams about friends (sexual and not) when THEY are going through something. I usually reach out to them afterwards and sure enough, they are dealing with something stressful, totally unrelated to my dreams.

Maybe your friend just needs an ear to share too much with for a day.

Sarah Buhr said...

Who says I haven't gotten any in awhile? ;)

Sarah Buhr said...

All kidding aside...I rarely seem to be able to control the dream, but writing these dreams down has made me more aware of them and seemingly more conscious in the dreams, remembering more about them, etc.

I don't usually have sex dreams, though I know people who do have a lot of them (some have told me much more about theirs after I wrote this). I have had some totally wild ones in the past though. I tried to keep it tame as possible. A lot of my readers are Mormon...practicing, virgin Mormons. So I guess I wanted to be respectful of them. Just what I wrote might have even been too much for them. I really thought about it, but in the end this is my blog and this is stuff I think about and it's real life stuff. I hope I didn't offend. It's a line I always walk in life bc of the way I was raised and the people I know from that part of my life. Sometimes I forget bc I don't live that way anymore. But I also like and respect and cherish many of those people so I'd like to keep them close. Just hope they can get real with me and not be offended by they way I actually think and feel about things.

Steve said...

It's just a dream and much like you said, you can't really control them. That is why Freud thought they were so important, since they were an open window into our subconscious that we couldn't control. So why should anyone, Mormon or not, get bent out of shape b/c you or anyone has a sex dream?!?! If a Mormom has a wet dream, do they lose their Temple Recommend?!?! haha. Seriously though, I've wondered that.

When I attended the Singles Ward in VA (the same one you did), there was so much pent up sexual energy, I felt like I could f**k the air, haha. An odd feeling in such a holistic place.