Monday, August 13, 2012

Robot Mom for President

I think LA has affected me. I dreamed I created a movie where a mom/scientist invented a robot to help her get all the things done that she could not possibly do while running for president, but the robot ended up being a better, thinner, more energetic version of herself and ended up going rogue and then running against her...but it lacked emotion and realness (which, of course, the people wanted in their candidate) so the mom won because even though she couldn't get it all done and bake cookies after she was real. In my dream I named it "Robot Mom for President". The funny/weird thing is this could be a real movie. It could be on the women's network and it would resonate with the mom demographic because the belief these days is that women still "can't have it all" (thanks, Atlantic article). The movie would admit we can't do it all, but we can have it all by just being okay with ourselves.

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