Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bruises...San Francisco...Universal Healthcare

Last night I dreamed my ex bf gave me bruises all over my shoulders. I complained and in the dream he told me it was no big deal.

I looked up the meaning. There were a variety of interpretations on this one. About half seemed to think this was a dream that meant some sort of emotional trauma I'm still dealing with. That may be true...

In other news - I went (IRL) to the famous Haight Street Free Clinic yesterday. SF has had universal healthcare for all since the 60's. It runs on volunteers and was set up by a kind doctor who was worried about all the flower children not getting proper medical attention during the Summer of Love. It's been going ever since but has changed a bit over the decades.

It used to be you just walk in and then they see you. Now you have to sign up for Healthy SF. It's San Francisco's great secret that they've provided medical help for everyone all along and it works. You sign up and if you have no money or are under a certain threshold you get it for free. If you need certain medications they will also cover that for free under the program. Since I'm funemployed at the moment I totally qualify (hurray!). All you do is tell them what is going on with you and why you need to see a doctor (for me it was an OBGYN check up). I just signed some papers with emergency contact info, they gave me a green plastic card for drugs (the medical kind), and then ushered me in to see the doc. That was that.

I'll let you draw your own political conclusions about this but as for me, I'm very grateful something like this exists for the people.

This is a picture of the clinic from far away. It's just around the corner from my house.

And these are some hippie kids from a long time ago that were waiting at the free clinic for their universal healthcare.

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