Thursday, July 05, 2012

Rock star in an experiment

Last night I dreamed I was a singer in a rock band but also that I had somehow been captured in this experiment where we were being told we were not good just to see how we'd react. We thought it was real life but then I discovered it was a controlled environment. I realized I needed to escape but it was impossible without them knowing it. I couldn't let them know I knew. You could also become one of them if you showed them merit. Then they turned the tables to become more friendly so that you'd tell them your innermost thoughts. They wanted to see what you really thought. I had to be careful bc I knew what they were about. I told them I was sad and they asked if I wanted it all to be over and to go back to my normal life outside the experiment. I was about to say yes but it was revealed to me that they don't ever let you go, they erase you instead. So I said I was fine continuing on. I knew I somehow had to make them think I was doing well so I could eventually escape. Then I woke up.

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