Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rabbit sex in cabins at night

Weird dream last night. It had to do with rabbits getting it on and a tiny log cabin...and dancing. I was in a family. I was one of the kids. There was another family with a boy my age. I can't remember his situation but he seemed uninterested. Then there were all these rabbits everywhere. Soft, plump and adorable rabbits. Different colored ones with soft, floppy ears and they were friendly. They'd come right up to you. But they also were having a lot of sex with each other and you had to push them apart before they made more rabbits. There was a log cabin and I think we were making food, like dinner in there for some occasion like a neighborhood party or something and there was this couple there that seemed familiar but I couldn't quite tell who they were. The girl was inside and then we had some sort of conversation and the guy was returning from some trip...and he also might have been the boy my age? It's all a bit foggy bc I didn't write this dream down immediately upon waking. There was something about a sink and water jugs. Oh, and someone might have gone missing. I think we were putting together a search party and that was what the food was for. Also a friend of mine from high school was in the dream and we had a conversation about dancing but I don't remember what about it. We'll see later if this dream turns into something or means something. The rabbits seemed prominent so I'll have to think about what they represent.

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