Monday, July 16, 2012

Kissing Missionaries and California Dreamin'

I realized I was awake just now and immediately thought to hold on to and remember what I had just been dreaming before it sinks back into the dark. Here's last night's dream:

I was in a newsroom, working as a reporter and it was in a hotel. A large building. The head producer kept barking orders about social media and I kept trying to say what should be happening since that's my wheelhouse but everyone kept chiming in and I was frustrated since none of them knew what they were doing and I actually had a lot of experience in this. Then I was going on a trip to California from Utah and my mom didn't want me using her minivan to drive the whole way cuz she was afraid it would be too many miles on the car. I said not to worry and that I was only driving to my friend's house in Sandy...but really I was planning on driving all the way to California and knew I'd be fine. I was in my family house with my mom, dad, older brother and some other people when this girl comes walking down the street claiming to be a missionary for the LDS Church. I don't see the common name tag identifier or a companion with her so I'm skeptical (though she is dressed in church clothes and a long dress coat and no makeup, hair pulled back in a pony so she looks like a missionary in some ways). I ask her where her companion is and she shrugs it off and says she doesn't need to be with her all the time cuz she knows the spirit of the law and she's cool like that. My brother tests her by grabbing her and planting a kiss on her mouth. I see her face register that maybe she shouldn't be playing "cool like that" and should go actually do the things she signed up to do as a missionary. So then I start readying myself for the journey and packing and somehow the whole social media thing is happening in my house and I'm like I gotta go cuz they are not listening and don't know what they are doing. Then I wake up...

This dream I'm going to chalk up as working things out in my head/brain chemistry. Maybe it is significant and means something and I'll find out later but I really think I'm just working things out. There are a lot of times in my profession where the people in charge don't really get what it is I do and I try to explain how it works and how it has successfully worked for me, list the stats and research but they may not want things to be the way they really are, have their own ideas, don't understand a fully executed plan, etc. and don't listen. It happens. Also I think the dream is a reflection of me working stuff out about church. I read this article in The New Republic last night before bed about this ex-Mormon guy and how he lost his faith but still loves the way the members have helped him when times were tough.

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