Monday, June 18, 2012

Took an antihistamine, which caused me to be drowsy, which set on an afternoon nap...which gave me a strange dream.

I was in Utah, driving to Harmons grocery store in the Brickyard area (which is a very nice and pleasant local grocery store there). It had been totally renovated and there was this very long and high up elevator that I had to get on to park the car and go into the store. So I attempted to go up the elevator but had trouble with coordination. IRL I actually think about this, about coordinating getting on and off and timing it with people who may not be paying attention. So I finally get on and it takes me up to the building but the building has a note on it with an email for my contact there. I only remember part of it anemae.?.com. I can't remember the ? part but I do remember the first part, anemae because I had to email or contact this person using it but had to check several times because when I got to email this person I couldn't remember how to spell it and had to go up the elevator to check again. Every time I checked I would see people from this PR firm working on projects. I never made it inside the grocery store.

I think the store symbolizes bounty and the high up elevator represents the esteem I give the circumstances. The driving is my life. The PR people an interview I'm about to go on. The contact email I'm not sure about. I googled it and got nada. Wish I could remember the rest of it.


mj said...

Truthfully I haven't read your dream posts as I can barely listen to my husband's dream-tellings. But on the subject I had a dream about you where you changed your name to a symbol as a publicity stunt and then posted about it on facebook.

Sarah Buhr said...

Ha! That is funny...and possibly something some celeb would do for publicity. Not me, though. I kinda wanna keep my name. Have you analyzed the dream? What else was happening in that dream?