Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nightmare, pigs, the dead and dark malls

Last night I had this really terrible nightmare. I was trapped inside a cult that was trying to make us Nazis and I dreamed my boyfriend died and there were these giant warthogs with different, wild colors and huge teeth that were sniffing me. I woke up terrified!

I should mention I found a secret passage way to escape the cult in the building I was in. I couldn't let anyone else know but there was a back vent and I had to wait patiently till they (cult leaders who were hold all of us hostage) weren't looking. Also there were these black people and one of the men died right in front of us. He was shot or had a heart attack. I remember saying it was weird to see someone who was animated not have any life in them anymore.

Mixed in with the nightmares was another dream where I was in the old Crossroads Mall in SLC and it was abandoned (bc there's now a new mall). The mall was open but all the lights were off and the stores were possibly closed but you couldn't tell unless you opened their doors and the lights might be on and they might actually have been open. I went up this really high elevator and into this pitch blackness. Everything was dark in the upper levels.

Very odd dreams.

I've read that nightmares are a way for your subconscious mind to try and get your attention if you are not paying attention to something...not sure what I'm not paying attention to though...

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