Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little white houses in a small town

This one is a couple days out so not as detailed but the thing I remember most is I was in a small town with a bunch of little houses and I was in a house. The houses were white. My roommate was there, the one away in Canada right now and she gave me some advice but I don't remember it.

This is why I must write this shit out when I wake up.

I was a little scared to try lucid dreaming. Not sure how restful it is...but I do want to try it. Carlos Casteneda writes that you have to tell yourself to see your hands when you dream. To say this right before bed. Then, when you see your hands you will know you are dreaming and you can become lucid.

They say it is hard to maintain it, but then there are reports of people who do it all the time, who are used to it. These people can control their dreams or ask questions to the characters and get answers...or ask a higher conscious the meaning of the dream. Some say they even enter other people's dreams or can share a dream with loved ones across distances and that both people will describe being in the same dream, but from their perspective.

Robert Waggoner, one of the foremost authorities on lucid dreaming, has had over 1000 recorded lucid dreams. He says one time he asked a character if he realized he was a character in his dream and the character replied, "How do you know you are not a character in my dream?".

The world is full of wonders to me. Sometimes I feel like this, too, is just a dream of our own making. We are in a very real dream.


Steve said...

Oh, I often have dreams within dreams and know that I am in a dream, is that what lucid dreaming is? A lot of times I can try and control the environment and determine what should happen next. Sometimes, although it hasn't happened in some time, I die. I've died dozens of ways, usually either in a freak animal attack (sharks, alligators...) or being shot. It is actually the being shot ones where I know I am dreaming and continue on in the dream, even though I am "dead" and do kind of Superman type stuff that amazes the person that shot me, haha. Oh, the shooter is usually someone that has broken into my house or something. Good thing I don't believe any of this means anything, ahah.

Sarah Buhr said...

Steve, yes, that is lucid dreaming. Not everyone can do it, but you can get very profound life-altering answers this way, they say. Interesting that you die sometimes. I've been told that if you die in a dream your brain doesn't know the difference and it can shut your body down...and you die in real life. So that blows that whole theory, thankfully!

As for meaning...It is your mind so (according to Jung and not Freud) whatever you think it means is what it means. You created it. Think about that one.

Steve said...

But then what is the point? haha. If it means whatever I think it means, then that is me just trying to bend reality into my version. I might as well say the clouds are predicting my life or I can read tea leaves, etc.

Listen, I'm all for new age stuff and have dabbled in my fair share of non-orthodox 'meaning of life' stuff, but dreams are 99.9% of the time just a chemical reaction that allows your brain to process short term memory into long term memory via chemical reaction. Yeah, that is boring, but so is not believing in horoscopes, reincarnation, any after life, religion, wicca or any of the numerous soul searching and life directing mechanisms.

I do believe that there are strains of energy that connect the world on some level and some people can absorb, read or analyze them to some extent, but for the most part, life is all about chemical processes from the food/drugs we eat, the sex we have, and the memories we create and keep. The sooner more people realize this and start living life for today and base their decisions on the fact they have one chance to do it right and do it well, the world would be a better place. That's simply my boring opinion, hehe.

But I do enjoy your attempts at finding yourself. Hope I'm not too much of a Debbie Downer! :)

Sarah Buhr said...

Steve, dreams help us come to understand ourselves more. It's not new age. It's a basic principle in psychology. There are different theories as to meaning. For instance, to Freud everything was sex and hating your parents. To Jung there is symbolic meaning in everything. I subscribe to Jung. This is why there is meaning in my dreams. The meaning can sometimes be analyzed and others who have a gift can help you work through the meaning, but the meaning is ultimately up to you to discover as you can understand your mind the most and what people, places and ideas mean uniquely in your own mind.

Sarah Buhr said...

Having said that, there is evidence of people sharing dreams. The same dream. Yes, the same dream. They meet in the dream and then can describe the same dream to each other. If you start delving into dream work and lucid dreaming you will run across people (though rare) with this experience to verify that dreams can in fact be shared.

The dream world is not just a chemical reaction. That is far too simplistic. It may make you feel safe to package it up that way, but there's much more going on in some other realm we all share with each other at night. Jung would call this part of the Collective Unconscious.