Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Spy a Spider

Last night's dream had a lot to do with spiders...and the wilderness. I was with some guys. One I knew in high school but never really talked to in real life. I remember thinking this is the most I'd ever heard this kid talk. We were all in RV's (which might have been influenced by a video I saw just before bed about the tiny house movement) and we were in the desert. There was some sort of a meeting we had to get to or something we had to do. I had to set the dates with someone but when I realized when the dates were it was actually past those dates. Then somehow I was on the beach and there were kids and some parents and then I was in a room with one of the girls and there were all these spiders on the wall. Big, fat spiders...that she had decorated with jewels...and the toupees of her mother's lovers. I remember explaining to someone who asked me "why the toupees?" that her mother's lovers were "very rich but also very old". There was this little live spider, black, that was crawling all over the floor and I couldn't get it for a while. I kept trying and trying but it was quick. Then, with a help of this guy (maybe one of the original guys from before? or one of the mom's kids?) we smashed the spider and I could move on to story telling time.

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