Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gems, geodes and dressers stuffed to the brim

Last night I dreamed I bought a really big house, a mansion. It was old and stately with gorgeous details. I bought it all, as is. Everything the previous owners left in it now belonged to me. As I wandered through the house I discovered all these rocks and gems everywhere. Some of the rocks had been fantastically fused together geodes and natural stones and rocks, lots of mixed natural gems all clustered and intertwined with each other, turquoise and there was this dresser/secretary full of these orange rocks and gems, just full of them.

In the dream I went down to the front room and spoke with the keeper of the estate and with my family and also my bf's mom was there (she is actually a gemologist). I told them all that I had found and I asked his mom if she would help me identify what all the gems were and she said she would. The keeper of the estate affirmed that everything in the house was now mine and that whatever was in the house when I bought it I owned. I went exploring more and found a dresser stuck in between some walls and a fireplace. I thought to pull it out (as it was out of place) but thought to just leave it there as is because the previous owners obviously had put it there for a reason and I didn't want to mess anything up. I reasoned I would come back to it and work on that part of the house later.

The rooms upstairs were grand and big and sunny. They had old wood floors and the sun gleamed in through the windows.

My bf's mom then challenged me to create some art. It was a competition between me and a child that she thought would be the better artist. I surprised her because I turned out to be a really good artist, or at least better than she expected. I remember her admiring my work, the sculptures I made and the way I painted them and gave everything dimension. I explained that my art was just different than the child's and so it stood out more.

I will really have to think about the meaning of all of this. I would say usually children represent your inner child but I know this one was not my inner child but a rep of something else...possibly my bf? Possibly someone I believe she sees better suited than me for her son? (I've had a feeling she may not think I'm good enough bc I'm not Jewish, but that may just be me thinking that and not her true feelings). The gems are a good omen, as is the grand house and all the nice things in it. Treasures. I'll have to think of the dresser stuck in the wall between two rooms. Most likely it is an aspect of myself or a problem I don't want to solve just right now.

If you believe yourself to be an intuitive/have a gift for dream interpretation I welcome your thoughts.

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