Monday, June 11, 2012

Dress shop and apartment dream - adventures in dreaming numero uno

I want to make this more of a dream journal. I'm getting more into lucid dreaming. The key is to recall your dream as soon as you wake up and to also learn to recognize, or become aware you are dreaming while in the dream. Here's my dream last night: I was in a bar with a friend in real life that represents hedonism and relaxation. There were other guys working at the bar and an older guy. Somehow through me the one guy manager in charge realized they owned more property across the street than they had thought. It was his property. He had apartment condos above the ones he owned so they were his. I thought because I discovered them and he didn't know he had them that he'd give a part of it to me. Instead he tried to charge me to live there. I negotiated with him and he agreed to let me live there for 3% a month, nothing down (whatever that means). The other guys and the owner and myself all knew that was not a good deal for me and not fair but it was cheaper and closer than where I was before. What was a big place ended up being a one-bedroom tiny apartment. Finally after the other people talked with him he allowed me to live rent free until he sold the units. This made me feel unstable about the whole deal. I could move in but there was no understanding of when the units would be sold, if I would get one for free and all that. But I started deciding where things would go and moved in. I remember particularly deciding where my paintings would go. Then for work I got a job in a clothing store down the street. A woman whom I knew at NPR when I used to work there came in and asked me what accountant level the guy was. I was confused and told her I didn't know there were levels. She asked if I worked for the White House. I laughed and the shop owner lady said I worked there at the dress shop and I confirmed that. There was another dress shop across the street. Someone (I think my mom or possibly someone else) was watering the lawn in front of the shop and the apartment and then proceeded to water it across the street at "the girls" shop. But someone said not to bc they weren't taking care of it anyway and just thought grass grew without tending it. Then I got in an old white truck and drove it backwards through San Francisco neighborhood back to where I live in real life. I remember finding it tricky to drive backwards but that was the only way I could drive it. There turned out to be plenty of parking (which in real life is actually difficult to find in SF). Somehow my roommate was there and her hair was disheveled and she looked sleepy but said she would go on a walk or go with me somewhere. I remember seeing a giant show store that was round down Divisadero and toward the Castro. It said Shoes Shoes Shoes. I remember I wanted to go check it out and shop for shoes there as soon as I parked the car. Then I woke up.


Steve said...

I'd hate to tell you what I dream about, let alone put it on a blog! haha.

So what is the point of lucid dreaming besides telling an incoherent story with no beginning or end, like most dreams?

Sarah Buhr said...

It helps me to write it down. I can go back to it later and remember more detail that way. I can also access my memory and start to do what Jung calls 'free association' to determine the meaning of the dream or create a lucid dream where I go back in the dream and ask conciousness what the meaning is. It's surprising what you can access in your mind and find out about yourself.